Student Performance in Mathematics

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Dezember 2011



Student performance in mathematics is an area of great concern in the Kenyan situation. This scenario arises due to the fact that most students tend to develop a negative attitude towards this subject at the primary school level. This study thus enhances an understanding on the student performance in mathematics and suggests measures that could be under-taken to improve the student performance in this important subject.The key findings of this study shows that most of the head teachers and mathematics teachers had a negative attitude towards teaching mathematics on contrast students had a positive attitude. The professional development of mathematics teachers was not given due emphasis and in adddition, most schools lacked mathematics teaching and learning resources.Mathematics teachers in most schools attached little emphasis on the use of teaching and learning resources. The learning environment was also poor. Recommendations derived from this study were; mathematics teachers' attitudes should be improved through a defined career path, Universities and colleges which train mathematics teachers should develop a follow up programme, to aid in assessing their performance.


Carolyne osena holds a bachelor of education degree with specialisation in mathematics and georaphy and a masters degree in education adminstration and planning from the University of Nairobi. She has wide experience in teaching and evaluating student learning in mathematics in secondary schools and teacher colleges in kenya.
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