The Andean Community in the International Context

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The Andean Community (CAN) has experienced many difficulties from the outset of integration. Despite these difficulties, the process of integration has offered clear alternatives for Member States to attain a more stable position in the international arena and an opportunity to enhance cooperation within the Andean region. Carolina Rosales offers a detailed tour of the history of the CAN, bringing readers up-to-date on current events and structural changes. She offers a thoughtful examination of the situation of each Member Country and a thorough analysis of the deepening of relations between them. The political, social, economic and commercial aspects are scrutinized throughout the chapters, including a careful study of the recent retirement of Venezuela and the importance of the CANs Common Foreign Policy. A practical approach is also introduced through an interview with a high member of the CAN. This book is written for anyone interested in South America and its political happenings. The simple language, clear explanations and comprehensive structure make this an exciting read for academics and experts as well as for those interested in the political landscape of Latin America.


Carolina Rosales Farías was born on August 21, 1978 in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied International Relations in Colombia and Political Science in Austria and holds a Masters Degree in Peace Studies and International Conflict Transformation. Carolina Rosales currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
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