One Day at a Time: How Families Manage the Experience of Dementia

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Februar 1996



"One day at a time" is the expression used by many families to describe how they manage living with a devastating illness like dementia. Based on a two-year study, this book explores the nature of, and changes in, the family context when one member of the household is identified as having dementia.


Theoretical Perspectives on Family Caregiving; Phases of the Illness Career; Styles of Managing; Open-style Families with a Solution-oriented Substyle; Open-style Families with a Comfort-oriented Substyle; Closed-style Families with a Compliance-oriented Substyle; Closed-style Families with an Efficiency-oriented Substyle; Closed-style Families with a Rehabilitation-oriented Substyle. Appendix 1: Demographic Profile of Families; Appendix 2: Visual Gestalts for Open-style Families; Appendix 3: Visual Gestalts for Closed-style Families.


"A very useful book for all professionals and others, wishing to learn about families' experience of dementia. It provides a deeper understanding of the variation and complexity in the ways that families handle this overwhelming life event. It also gives a comprehensive overview of the current level of knowledge in the field, and points out the importance of a family perspective in dementia care. The reader will learn much from this book, through being moved by the sympathetic and detailed narratives of the families' lived experiences. The special knowledge thus gained would be difficult to acquire by means of exclusively theoretical studies."-Christina Salstrom, Assistant Professor Umea University, Sweden
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