The Press of the Young Republic, 1783-1833

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The second book in a six-volume series on the history of American journalism, this book focuses on the 50 years following the end of the Revolution, during which the American press grew and expanded.


A New Era Begins - The Confederation Period, 1783-1789; The Adoption of the Bill of Rights, 1789-1791; The First Political Party System, 1791-1800; The Challenge of the Sedition Act, 1798-1800; The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1808; The War of 1812, 1809-1815; The Era of Good Feelings, 1815-1824; The Age of Jackson, 1824-1833; Changes in Journalism, 1800-1833; Reflections on the Press of the Young Republic; Biographical Essay.


?Humphrey provides an overview of how newspapers perceived public issues and evolved as an industry. She divides the five decades into nine distinct eras, with an added chapter on how technological changes caused newspapers to expand circulation and improve news highlight is the suggestion that most printers believed the First Amendment usually protected against prior governmental restraints to publish. The author finds that few printers interpreted the First Amendment as a broad protection for freedom of expression. Exceptionally well written with complete annotation; recommended for undergraduate, general, and professional journalism history collections.?-Choice
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