Goth's Dark Empire

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August 2005



A journey in search of Goth culture in America


Carol Siegel, Professor of English and American Studies at Washington State University, Vancouver, is author of Male Masochism: Modern Revisions of the Story of Love (IUP, 1995); New Millennial Sexstyles (IUP, 2000); and Lawrence Among the Women: Wavering Boundaries in Women s Literary Tradition."


Siegel (English and American studies, Washington State Univ., Vancouver) counters the dearth of research into goth and the hostility of post--Columbine representations with a sympathetic, compelling examination of goth subculture as premised on gender fluidity, with sadomasochistic practices as 'radical technologies of resistance.' This argument is strongly informed by French theorists Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, presupposing some familiarity with their arguments. To this end, goth is a revolutionary mode of becoming in the face of alienating culture. Methodologically, Siegel draws loosely from many online discussions with goths, but more so on portrayals of goth through music, novels, and cinema, including Boys Don't Cry and The Matrix. For example, Siegel examines Poppy Z. Brite's novels to foreground the male hero as a masochist challenging the gender binary by 'queering' masculinity. Siegel also challenges perceptions of goth racism with attention to Asian American youths involved in goth. This book is sometimes difficult to follow. Chapter one opens with gender and sexuality in goth--related music and closes with a critique of abstinence--only education. Linkages between such elements depend on careful readers; such readers will be rewarded with a provocative analysis of the challenge and resistance goth desire represents within 'America's culture of denial.' Summing Up: Recommended. Upper--division undergraduates and above.R. C. Raby, Brock University, 2006jul CHOICE--R. C. Raby, Brock University, 2006jul CHOICE
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