Niagara Falling: Globalization in a Small Town

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September 2007



Niagara Falling outlines the social and economic history of a paper mill and its relationship with the community of Niagara, Wisconsin.


Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview Chapter 2. End of the Social Compact Chapter 3. Fear and Loathing in a Paper Mill Town Chapter 4. Too Many Cops Chapter 5. Backing Away Chapter 6. Bowling Alley for Sale Chapter 7. Dead Bugs Chapter 8. Where Everybody Knows Your Name Chapter 9. Conclusion: Lessons from the Fall


Carol D. Miller is professor in the Department of Sociology and Archeology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.


Miller brilliantly describes changes in a company town over time, linking them to globalization and transformation in the compact between the state and civil society. By using multiple methodologies and situating the researcher in the community, she effectively develops theoretical lessons regarding the changes associated with multinational ownership of key industries and methodological lessons for carrying out case studies. Niagara Falling presents a compelling story for students and the general public. -- Cornelia Butler Flora, Iowa State University
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