Losing Hearts and Minds?: Public Diplomacy and Strategic Influence in the Age of Terror

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August 2006



There is a broad consensus among informed observers both inside and outside the Beltway that American public diplomacy leaves much to be desired. Recent studies describe ineffectiveness, inadequate resources, and a general lack of direction. Further complicating this situation, there is no real consensus among critics on what must be done to fix current problems. Moreover, the ills afflicting public diplomacy are poorly understood. Losing Hearts and Minds? situates these problems within the complex environment of U.S. government bureaucracy, and relates them to other instruments of national power, particularly diplomatic activities and military force. This book prompts debate by analyzing obstacles to effective public diplomacy, and offers a comprehensive vision of this critical dimension of statecraft, which without improvements will ill serve the nation in its ongoing efforts to counter the global threat of terror.


CARNES LORD is Professor of Military and Naval Strategy in the Strategic Research Department at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.


"Carnes Lord's "Losing Hearts and MindS" is one of 2006's more salient and disturbing books....Lord, a professor of strategy at the Naval War College, understands that the War on Terror is an ideological struggle, pitting democracy against tyranny and terror. Carnes argues that the United States and the West have not successfully engaged the ideas inspiring Islamist-led terrorism. It is indeed a tough subject--the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group barely touched on the terror war's ideological dimensions. Carnes notes how the media and Hollywood frequently compromise American soft power (moral, political and information persuasion). His suggestions for improving the selling of democracy include a revived and revamped U.S. Information Agency." - Lowell Sun (Massachusetts)
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