Cultural Psychology: Theory and Method

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April 2002



There are aspects of psychology which originate in, are formed by, and reflect social processes and factors outside the individual mind. This cultural analysis of psychology is twofold: it is a scientifically correct way to a deeper understanding of psychology and it can provide crucial insights for initiating and guiding the struggle to improve human life. This view of cultural psychology was originally developed by the Russian psychologist Vygotsky and his colleagues Luria and Leontiev. Cultural Psychology aims to build on their approach by providing: qualitative methods such as interview techniques and content analysis as empirical tools for exploring the cultural aspects of psychology; and specific guidelines for formulating, conducting, and analyzing interviews on cultural aspects of psychology.


Preface. Introduction. Part One: Theory.
1. Cultural Psychology from the Perspective of Activity Theory.
2. Individualistic Approaches to Agency: A Critique. Part Two: Method.
3. Implications of Activity Theory for Cultural-Psychological Research.
4. Interviewing Techniques for Eliciting Cultural-Psychological Information.
5. A Procedure for Analyzing Cultural Themes in Verbal Accounts.
6. An Empirical Investigation into The Cultural Psychology of Children's Moral Reasoning. References.
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