Drug Use: A Reference Handbook

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An intriguing look at the delicate balance in American drug policy between enforcement and reducing supply, versus prevention and reducing demand. Like heroin and cocaine before it, "crack" now drives American drug policy, and our prisons overflow due to mandatory "three strikes" sentencing. Even with a Cabinet-level drug czar, Americans continue to use crack and other mind-altering drugs in record numbers. Horse, Smack, Crack, Ecstasy, U.S. Drug Policy: A Reference Handbook focuses on the shifting approaches and attitudes behind American drug policies, especially in the last 30 years. This thought-provoking volume emphasizes the need to balance the legislation championing enforcement and reducing supply, with that calling for treatment, prevention, and reducing demand. Here is a probing look at illegal substances, along with the motivation, problems, controversies, and proposed solutions surrounding their use. Rounding out this study of a complicated aspect of American culture are the major events and significant people that influenced U.S. drug policy, what's behind addiction, and plenty of statistics.

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