Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher, and Mathematician King

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This 2005 book examines the significance of the mathematician Archytas of Tarentum in fourth-century Greece.


Part I. Introductory Essays: 1. Life, writings and reception; 2. The philosophy of Archytas; 3. The authenticity question; Part II. Genuine Fragments: 1. Fragment 1; 2. Fragment 2; 3. Fragment 3; 4. Fragment 4; Part III: Genuine Testimonia: 1. Life and writings (A1-A6, B5-B8); 2. Moral philosophy and character; 3. Geometry: the duplication of the cube (A14 and A15); 4. Music; 5. Metaphysics; 6. Physics; 7. Miscellaneous testimonia; Appendix: Spurious writings and testimonia; Appendix: Archytas' name.


Carl A. Huffman is Professor of Classics at DePauw University. He is the author of Philolaus of Croton: Pythagorean and Presocratic (052141525X) and contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Early Greek Philosophy (ed. A. A. Long) (0521446678).


Review of the hardback: 'Huffman's book offers expert discussion of a variety of difficult topics ... a much needed and authoritative commentary ... Lucid argued, helpfully organised, and impressive in its scholarship, this book sets a high standard indeed ... a rich volume of over 600 pages ... there is much of real value here ... a detailed and scholarly treatment of dauntingly difficulty material. Scholars owe Huffman a debt for undertaking this task, and executing it with such authority. It is a work to emulate'. Sylvia Berryman, The University of British Columbia Review of the hardback: 'We have here another blockbuster offering from Carl Huffman who has already put us in his debt by a definite study of Philolaus. This work will serve in turn to establish Archytas as a philosopher in his own right, and not simply a footnote to Pythagoras, as has all too often been the case hitherto.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review
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