An Introduction to the Environmental Physics of Soil, Water and Watersheds

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This textbook provides a thorough introduction to the sustainable, productive use of land resources vital in maintaining healthy rivers and good groundwater qualities. Calvin Rose develops a quantitative approach to studying these growing environmental concerns and makes the textbook suitable for introductory university courses, as well as a useful primer for research and management staff in environmental organizations. Each chapter ends with a set of student exercises for which solutions are available from


Preface; 1. Environmental systems of rock, soil and earth energy exchanges; 2. Soil and soil strength; 3. The behaviour of liquids; 4. Soil, water and watersheds; 5. Evotranspiration and energy exchange at the earth surface; 6. Infiltration at the field scale; 7. Surface hydrology of watersheds; 8. Water erosion and deposition; 9. Watersheds and rivers; 10. Water movement through the groundwater zone; 11. Water movement through the unsaturated zone; 12. Salinity and contaminant transport; Appendix table A; Index.


Calvin Rose is an Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at Griffith University, Queensland.


'If you are new to the subject, want to learn of environmental physics from first principles and prepare yourself for more advanced texts and for the real world then get this book. If you teach newcomers then you might like to recommend it to them.' European Journal of Soil Science 'An Introduction to the Environmental Physics of Soil, Water and Watersheds provides a very attractive blend of introductory environmental science and environmental engineering, practical environmental problems and academic rigour ... the examples and exercises greatly enhance the book's value for undergraduate teaching in environmental science and environmental engineering. The book also has clear and informative illustrations and the captions to the figures are generally self-explanatory ... I have read this book with a great deal of interest: I have used it successfully in recent months in an undergraduate environmental engineering course dealing with landsurface processes. I have no doubt that it will be used widely by students, educators, environmental scientists/engineers and agronomists. Calvin Rose is to be congratulated on this valuable new book.' Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 'Subject content within the book provides a breadth of material that is well suited to most environmental scientists, and is accessible for students with a limited quantitative background. Rose presents a well-written text ...'. Hydrological Processes 'Dr Rose explains the theory in self-contained chapters with practical examples and he uses many attractive figures to illustrate and summarize the most important results. The reader does not need advanced calculus or physics to understand the book ... It is also highly recommended for farmers and technical staff in environmental and resource management organizations who have the task to put the idea of sustainable land use into practice ... an introductory text that is enjoyable to read. It provides the necessary physical basis to discuss how we can develop sustainable use of our land and water resources.' Markus Deurer, WISPAS
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