The Rise of the English Town, 1650-1850

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This volume examines the growth and development of English towns in the critical period between 1650 and 1850. Christopher Chalklin surveys market and county towns, port and manufacturing centers, new dockyard towns, spas and seaside resorts. He discusses house and public building, education, work and leisure activities, public duties and politics, and contrasts the emerging middle classes with the artisan and laboring masses. This concise study draws especially on recent publications incorporating new knowledge and interpretations. It will be a valuable resource for students of economic, social and urban history.


1. The rise of urban England, 1650-1750; 2. The expansion of English towns, 1750-1850; 3. Some general aspects of urban life; 4. The building of towns; 5. The elite and middling people and their social background; 6. The elite and middling people: entertainments, social relations and public duties; 7. The lower orders; Conclusion.


'... a very useful summary of recent scholarship on the subject ... His splendid new edition should make this 'extensive ledger of disappointment and bitterness' much better known.' Southern History Society
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