Proteomics in Nephrology - Towards Clinical Applications

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Since the publication of the first volume on proteomics in nephrology, methodologies and protocols for renal and urinary proteome analyses have been continuously improved, resulting in considerable progress towards clinical application. Proteomics not only contributes to a better understanding of the renal physiology and pathogenic mechanisms of kidney diseases, but also assists in the search for novel biomarkers for diagnostics and prognostics and supports the definition and development of new therapeutic targets and drugs for better therapeutic outcome. While the first volume focused mainly on an overview, technologies and methodologies, this volume highlights successful applications of proteomics to several kidney diseases, including acute kidney injury, nephrotic syndrome, diabetic nephropathy, renal allograft rejection, renal cell carcinoma, obstructive nephropathy, kidney stone disease, uremia, and others. Written by acclaimed experts in proteomics and nephrology, this book is an excellent resource of references for nephrologists, clinicians, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, proteomists, physiologists, scientists, and trainees.


Preface: Thongboonkerd, V.; Proteomics for the Investigation of Acute Kidney Injury: Devarajan, P.; Proteomics of Plasma and Urine in Primary Nephrotic Syndrome in Children: Candiano, G.; Musante, L.; Petretto, A.; Bruschi, M.; Santucci, L.; Urbani, A.; Scolari, F.; Gusmano, R.; Carraro, M.; Zennaro, C.; Vincenti, F.; Ghiggeri, G.M.; Urinary Proteome Profiling to Search for Biomarkers in Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome: Traum, A.Z.; Schachter, A.D.; Searching for Novel Biomarkers and New Therapeutic Targets of Diabetic Nephropathy Using Proteomics Approaches: Thongboonkerd, V.; Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers in Acute Renal Failure: Arthur, J.M.; Janech, M.G.; Varghese, S.A.; Almeida, J.S.; Powell, T.B.; Proteomics and Renal Transplantation: Searching for Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets: Schaub, S.; Wilkins, J.A.; Nickerson, P.; Metabolomics: A Complementary Tool in Renal Transplantation: Wishart, D.S.; Understanding and Managing Renal Cell Carcinoma: Can Proteomic Studies Contribute to Clinical Practice? Craven, R.A.; Banks, R.E.; Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry for Biomarker Discovery and Diagnosis of Kidney Diseases: Zurbig, P.; Mischak, H.; Identification of Urinary Biomarkers by Proteomics in Newborns: Use in Obstructive Nephropathy: Decramer, S.; Zurbig, P.; Wittke, S.; Mischak, H.; Bascands, J.-L.; Schanstra, J.P.; Proteomics and Kidney Stone Disease: Thongboonkerd, V.; Exploring the Uremic Toxins Using Proteomic Technologies: Schiffer, E.; Mischak, H.; Vanholder, R.C.; Proteomic Approaches for the Study of Cell Signaling in the Renal Collecting Duct: Hoorn, E.J.; Pisitkun, T.; Yu, M.-J.; Knepper, M.A.; Overview of Kidney and Urine Proteome Databases: Yoshida, Y.; Miyamoto, M.; Bo, X.; Yaoita, E.; Yamamoto, T.
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