Signals and Systems

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September 1991



Written for first and second year undergraduates in electronic engineering and the physical sciences, providing a grounding in the study of signals and systems. This edition includes a new section on the discrete Fourier transform in the context of signal capture and spectral analysis.


Part 1 Introduction to signals and systems: signal classification; signal processing systems; linearity and time-invariance; signal types and definitions; signal symmetry and orthogonality; signal sampling. Part 2 Time-domain models: discrete-time systems; unit-sample response and convolution; convolution for continuous systems. Part 3 Frequency-domain models: the frequency-domain approach; the Fourier transform; Fourier transforms of signals; input-output relationships; symmetry properties; the inverse Fourier transform. Part 4 Laplace transforms: the Laplace integral; Laplace model of signals; properties of Laplace transforms; the system transform function; pole-zero models. Part 5 Z-transforms: the Z-transform; the transfer function; system response; pole-zero models; frequency response of a discrete-time system. Chapter 6 Periodic signals: strictly periodic signals; the Fourier exponential series; Fourier series and the Fourier integral; input-output relationships; band limited signals. Part 7 Fourier analysis of discrete-time signals and systems: the Laplace and Z-transforms; the Fourier transform and the DTFT; further properties of the DTFT; signal sampling and aliasing; frequency resolution; the discrete Fourier transform. Appendices: A short table of Laplace transform pairs; some Laplace transform properties; some Z-transform pairs.


Reviews from the first edition: This book is well presented, very readable, and justifies serious inspection by lecturers and students in this field of study. - International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education; This edition adds a chapter dealing with the discrete Fourier transform. Includes numerous worked examples and exercises. - SciTech Book News
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