The Nature of the Transnational Firm: Second Edition

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The Nature of the Transnational Firm brings together the major approaches to the transnational firm in one volume. Leading thinkers present overviews of a vibrant theoretical literature and assess the current state of analysis. Thoroughly revised and updated to take account the explosive growth of foreign direct investment in the 1990s, this volume will be welcomed by students and researchers of international business, international economics and business economics. Contributors include: John Cantwell, John H. Dunning, Edward M. Graham, Jean-Francois Hennart, Neil Kay.


1. The (Theory of the) Transnational Firm: the 1990s and Beyond Christos Pitelis and Roger Sugden 2. A Survey of Theories of International Production John Cantwell 3. A Critical Re-evaluation of Hymer's Contribution to the Theory of the Transnational Corporation Mohammad Yamin 4. Transaction Costs Theory and the Multinational Enterprise Jean-Francois Hennart 5. The Eclectic Paradigm of International Production: A Personal Perspective John H. Dunning 6. The Resource-based Approach to Multinational Enterprise Neil Kay 7. Strategic Management and Transnational Firm Behaviour: A Formal Approach Edward M. Graham 8, An All-Weather Company: The (theory of the) Transnational Corporation and the Role of the Demand Side Christos Pitelis 9. Divide and Rule by Transnational Corporations James Peoples and Roger Sugden.
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