Lipoxygenases and Their Metabolites: Biological Functions

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This book is a compendium of recent knowledge relating to the biology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and genetics of lipoxygenases and their products, edited as proceedings of an international congress held in Malta in the summer of 1997. It represents state-of-the-art insight into the above topics. The aim of the book is to broaden the existing knowledge on lipoxygenases and metabolites and to identify directions for future research, which, in our opinion, is accomplished by the contribution of recognized experts in the field. Papers based on the congress lectures are gathered together here under three general headings: (i) enzymology, molecular biology and biological functions of mammalian lipoxygenases, (ii) metabolic regulation of lipoxygenases; lipoxygenase inhibitors, (iii) products of the lipoxygenase pathways and their receptors, which present enticing and forward-looking presentations. It is hoped that the novel structural and mechanistic insights encapsulated in this book will conspire to engender new exciting research, whose results will coalesce into next conferences of this kind at regular intervals.


Preface; S. Nigam, C.R. Pace-Asciak. Introductory Remarks: Historical Roots and Contemporary Aspects of Lipoxygenase Research; T. Schewe, et al. Part
I: Enzymology, Molecular Biology, and Biological Functions of Mammalian Lipoxygenases. Mammalian 15-Lipoxygenases:Enzymatic Properties and Biological Implications; H. Kühn, S. Borngräber. Molecular Cloning of a Second Human 15S-Lipoxygenase and Its Murine Homologue, and 8S-Lipoxygenase: Their Relationship to Other Mammalian Lipoxygenases;
A.R. Brash, et al. Arachidonate 12-Lipoxygenase Isozymes; S. Yamamoto, et al. Expression of Leukocyte-Type-12-Lipoxygenase and Reticulocyte-Type 15-Lipoxygenase in Rabbits;
B.-J. Thiele, et al Lipoxygenase Gene Disruption Studies- Status and Applications; E.N. Johnson, et al. Part
II: Metabolic Regulation of Lipoxygenases: Lipoxygenase Inhibitors. The Release of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Lipoxygenation in the Brain; Hee-Yong Kim, et al. Biological Relevance of the 12-Lipoxygenase Pathway for Platelet and Lymphocyte Functions; M. Lagarde, et al. Effect of 15-HETE on the 5-Lipoxygenase Pathway in Neutrophils: Genuine Inhibitor or Alternative Substrate? T. Schewe, et al. Adenosine: An Endogenous Inhibitor of Arachidonic Acid Release and Leukotriene Biosynthesis in Human Neutrophils; E. Krump , P. Borgeat. Pharmacological Aspects of 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibition; R. Müller-Peddinghaus. Part
III: Products of the Lipoxygenase Pathways and their Receptors. The Hepoxilins: A Review;
C.R. Pace-Asciak, et al. Aspirin-Triggered 15-epi-Lipoxin A4 and Stable Analogs on Lipoxin A4 are Potent Inhibitors of Acute Inflammation: Receptors and Pathways; C.N. Serhan, et al. Modulation of LTB4 Receptor in T-Lymphocytes by Lipoxin A4 (LXA4) and Its Role in Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity; King-Teh Lin, et al. Receptors for Cysteinyl-Leukotrienes in Human Cells; S. Nicosia, et al. Cysteinyl-Leukotrienes and the Human Lung; I. Gorenne, et al. 12(S)-HETE in Cancer Metastasis; Keqin Tang, K.V. Honn. A 12(S)-HETE Receptor in Lewis Lung Carcinoma Cells; H. Herbertsson, et al. Fatty Acids, Eicosanoids, and Hypolipidemic Agents Regulate Gene Expression Through Direct Binding to Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors; W. Wahli, et al. Biogenesis and Biological Functions of Marine Algal Oxylipins; W.H. Gerwick, et al. Index.
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