The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England: Basic Readings

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November 1999



This volume offers comprehensive covreage of the archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England, bringing together essays on specifi fields, sites and objects, and offering the reader a representative range of both traditional and new methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to the subject.


Looking back, looking forward - the field of Anglo-Saxon archaeology. Reorganization among the ruins. York 700-1050. Constructions of wood, stone and ink - the churches of 8th-century England. Wearmouth and Jarrow in their continental context, The Anglo-Saxon church at Canterbury. Anglo- Saxon church building - aspects of design and construction. Archaeology and the cult of St Oswald in pre-conquest Northumbria. The Anglo-Saxon cemetary at Sutton Hoo - an interim report. Beowulf and Sutton Hoo - the odd couple. Children, death and the afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England. Repton and the Vikings. An Anglo-Saxon "cunning woman" from Bidford-on-Avon. Questioning the monuments - approaches to Anglo-Saxon sculpture through gender studies. Statements in stone - Anglo-Saxon sculpture, Whitby and the Christianization of the north. Women's costume in the 10th and 11th centuries and textile production in Anglo-Saxon England. The archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England - theory and practice.
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