Bird Song

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This second edition is a highly illustrated, biological explanation of how and why birds communicate with elaborate bird songs.


1. The study of bird song;
2. Production and perception;
3. How song develops;
4. Getting the message across;
5. When do birds sing?;
6. Recognition and territorial defence;
7. Sexual selection and female choice;
8. Themes and variations;
9. Variation in time and space.


Clive Catchpole is currently Professor of Animal Behaviour at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has written, broadcast and researched on many aspects of bird ecology and behaviour for more than 30 years and published over 100 books, articles and scientific papers. He has studied birds in many parts of the world and been a visiting researcher at the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology in Germany and the California Academy of Sciences in the USA. Peter Slater is Kennedy Professor of Natural History at St Andrews University in Scotland. He is a former Editor of Animal Behaviour and of Advances in the Study of Behavior and is a Past President of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, which association awarded him its medal in 1999. In 1991 he was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He is the author of around 150 scientific papers and several books, and has been studying acoustic communication, largely in birds, for 30 years.


' ... the well-known authors and experts, Professor Clive Catchpole and Professor Peter Slater thoroughly achieve their stated aims in this excellent book ... having read it avidly from cover to cover, I think it is an excellent read ... if ... you are at all interested in why and how birds vocalise, go out and buy this book.' Wildlife Sound
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