Biology of Brassica Coenospecies

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Brassica crop species and their allies (Raphanus, Sinapis, Eruca, etc.) are important sources of edible roots, stems, leaves, buds and inflorescences, as well as of edible or industrial oils, condiments and forage. Many well known names of plants or plant products, such as kale, cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohl-rabi, Chinese cabbage, turnip, rape, rutabaga, swede, colza or rapeseed, canola, mustard, rocket, etc. are directly associated to this botanical group.The scientific interest for this botanical group has run parallel to its economical importance, and research achievements in our days would have certainly appeared unimaginable only two decades ago. As the end of the millenium approaches, entirely new fields (transformation, somatic fusion, etc.) have been added to the classical ones. Thus, nobody can doubt the opportuneness of this book, which combines and presents both the basic and applied biological aspects of the Brassica species.


Chapter Headings. Taxonomy. Origin And Domestication. Cytogenetics. Somatic Hybridization. Self-Incompatibility. Male Sterility. Genome Structure and Mapping. Haploidy. Genetic Engineering. Chemical Composition. Physiology. Diseases. Breeding: An Overview. Genetic Resources Subject Index.


(R. Hell, Gatersleben) The individual chapters are written by experienced scientists in the respective fields and consequently represent state-of-the-art reviews. Since the chapters are clearly divided into relatively short paragraphs and cross-references are provided between different topics within the book, the reader can rapidly find his way even through less familiar scientific areas and methods.(...)The combination of technical information and comprehensive references make this volume a manual for all scientists involved in research with Brassicaceae.(...) Journal of Plant Physiology, 157, 461 - 466
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