Modern Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers

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An up-to-date mathematical and computational education for students, researchers, and practising engineers.


Preface; 1. Foundations of computation; 2. Sets and mappings; 3. Evaluation of functions; 4. Groups, rings and fields; 5. Vector spaces; 6. Linear mappings I; 7. Linear functionals; 8. Inner products and norms; 9. Linear mappings II; 10. Convergence in normed vector spaces; 11. Group representations; 12. Special functions; Appendices.


'The emphasis on computation sets Cantrell's book apart ... it would provide an excellent introduction to some of the computational issues in applying numerics to non-linear dynamical problems.' David Jefferies, The Times Higher Education Supplement 'Precisely because one can dip in, this book has a very real value as a reference for science graduates with some mathematical background who find themselves seriously in need of some more.' Derek Raine, The Observatory '... unique in the sense that it sails across the ocean of contemporary advanced mathematics by an impressive tour de force ...'. Thomas Z. Fahidy, Measurement Science & Technology '... an excellent job of surveying selected topics of modern mathematics that graduate students of physics and engineering are likely to encounter.' Any Magid, Computer Applications 'It is not the contents of the book that is really original - albeit one could already prize the good selection of materials by the author - but it is the way they are presented, the choice of examples and exercises, the way to solve the exercises, and the successful equilibrium between the basic classical concepts and issues that no student can skip, and the computational tools nowadays available, that are remarkable ... a book to be recommended, from beginning to end.' E. Elizalde, Zentralblatt fur Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete Mathematics Abstracts
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