The United Nations and International Law

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April 2003



This is a revised edition of a two-volume survey United Nations Legal Order. It provides students and scholars with a text that appraises the contribution made by the United Nations to contemporary international law and the law-creating process. Among the topics addressed are how international law is made by UN institutions; what contemporary international law owes its existence to the United Nations; how and whether UN bodies have served as sources of international law; and whether UN-created law can be said to have worked as an effective regulator of state conduct. Covering a wide range of UN activity, this book represents a comprehensive guide to the role of the UN in providing viable legal rules to deal with international problems.


Part I. The UN System as a Source of Law: 1. The UN legal order: an overview Oscar Schachter; 2. General law-making processes Paul Szasz; 3. Specialized law-making processes Frederic L. Kirgis, Jr; Part II. Substantive Law: 4. Force and arms John F. Murphy; 5. Human rights Hurst Hannum; 6. Refugees and migration David A. Martin; 7. Women Rebecca J. Cook; 8. Labor Virginia A. Leary; 9. Economic relations and development Stephen Zamora; 10. Environment Ved P. Nanda; 11. Law of the sea Bernard H. Oxman; 12. Outer space Ralph G. Steinhardt; 13. International crimes John F. Murphy; Part III. International Law: 14. Law of the international civil service Robert S. Jordan; 15. Financial responsibility of members Jose E. Alvarez; 16. Conclusion: the United Nations as international law-giver Christopher C. Joyner.
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