Teaching Children's Fiction

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This book combines the work of nine leading teachers and scholars of children's literature from Europe and North America. They explore the various disciplines and perspectives that have contributed to the study of children's literature, giving practical classroom suggestions. Contains an up-to-date resources section.


List of Figures Acknowledgements Series Preface (Series Editor) Notes on the Contributors Introduction;
C.Butler Historical Studies;
P.Pinsent Cultural Studies;
D.Rudd Genre and Convention;
J.Webb Looking in the Mirror: Pedagogy, Theory, and Children's Literature;
R.McGillis Word and Picture;
M.Nikolajeva Children as Readers;
J.Elkin Children's Literature at Postgraduate Level in the United Kingdom;
P.Pinsent &
K.Reynolds Children's Literature at Postgraduate Level in the United States;
R.Flynn Appendices Sample Undergraduate Syllabi;
C.Butler Resources;
K.Reynolds , P.Pinsent &
C.Butler Children's Literature Criticism: Key Texts;
C.Butler Teaching Children's Literature in Higher Education: A Select Bibliography;
C.Butler Index


JUDITH ELKIN Vice Principal of University College Worcester, UK and a member of the Herefordshire Learning Partnership Strategic Board, the British Council Knowledge and Information Advisory Committee, and Chair of MLA West Midlands, the Council for Museums, Libraries and Archives
RICHARD FLYNN Professor of Literature at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, USA and Editor of the Children's Literature Association Quarterly
RODERICK MCGILLIS Professor of English at the University of Calgary, Canada
MARIA NIKOLAJEVA Professor of Comparative Literature at Stockholm University, Sweden, and Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Åbo Akademi University, Finland
PAT PINSENT Senior Research Fellow at University of Surrey, Roehampton, UK
KIMBERLEY REYNOLDS Professor of Children's Literature, University of Newcastle, UK
DAVID RUDD Senior Lecturer in the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies at the Bolton Institute, UK
JEAN WEBB Director of the International Centre for Research in Primary English and Children's Literature at University College Worcester, UK


'The Teaching the New English Series is a welcome and timely contribution to the changing canon, curriculum, and classroom practice of English in higher education. Imaginatively conceived and professionally edited, the series will be required reading for instructors in English studies worldwide.' - Professor Elaine Showalter, Professor Emerita of English, Princeton University, USA, and Author of Teaching Literature
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