Thermodynamics of Chaotic Systems: An Introduction

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This book deals with the various thermodynamic concepts used for the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems.


Introduction; Part I. Essentials of Nonlinear Dynamics: 1. Nonlinear mappings; 2. Probability in the theory of chaotic systems; 3. Symbolic dynamics; Part II. Essentials of Information Theory and Thermodynamics: 4. The Shannon information; 5. Further information measures; 6. Generalized canonical distributions; 7. The fundamental thermodynamic relations; 8. Spin systems; Part III. Thermostatistics of Multifractals: 9. Escort distributions; 10. Fractals; 11. Multifractals; 12. Bit cumulants in multifractal distribution; 13. Thermodynamics of a finite volume; Part IV. Dynamical Analysis of Chaotic Systems: 14. Statistics of dynamical symbol sequences; 15. Expansion rate and information loss; 16. The topological pressure; 17. Transfer operator methods; 18. Repellers and escape; Part V. Advanced Thermodynamics: 19. Thermodynamics of expanding maps; 20. Thermodynamics with several intensive parameters; 21. Phase transitions.


"...for theoreticians interested in critical phenomena and related subjects, it is well worth reading and rereading...highly recommended for both individuals and libraries." R.J. Becker, Applied Merchanics Review "...well-written and clearly organized. The authors have tried to write a pedagogical introduction, and for the most part have succeeded...accessible to a wide audience...the presentation is concise in a way that brings out the basic structure of the theory. There is a clear place for an introductory book written in this style in a field like the thermodynamics of chaos, where the primary literature is mainly concerned with detail...I enjoyed reading this excellent book. I can easily recommend it to any reader who finds the subject matter of interest. Its pedagogical quality makes it accessible to the interested novice and its clarity of organization will make it useful to experts." Joseph Bryngelson, Journal of Statistical Physics "...many important ideas are sketched...this monograph will be welcomed by nonmathematicians: no advanced mathematical knowledge is required, and the authors explain complicated concepts by first working out a simple example. Mathematicians will be grateful for the explanations (difficult to find elsewhere) on the terminology from statistical mechanics..." Viviane Baladi
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