Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs

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Adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology has made great strides in the last few years. One of the biggest steps forward" the standardization of Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology (JABWT)" is explained in detail in this book. The JABWT standard, defined by the JSR-82 specification, supports rapid development of Bluetooth applications that are portable, secure, and highly-usable. Wireless device manufacturers have responded to the JABWT specification by announcing mobile phones and other products that will run JABWT applications. Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs explains in detail how to write Bluetooth applications using the Java APIs to exploit the power of both technologies. Written by the specification lead for JSR-82 and two other key participants in the definition of JABWT, this book provides the authoritative explanations and concrete examples you need to get started right away.


Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Wireless Connectivity 1.2 What is Bluetooth Wireless Technology? 1.3 Overview of the Bluetooth Stack architecture 1.4 What is J2ME? 1.5 Why Java Technology for Bluetooth Devices? 1.6 Summary
Chapter 2 An Overview of JABWT 2.1 Goals 2.2 API Characteristics and Hardware Requirements 2.3 Scope 2.4 Summary
Chapter 3 High-Level Architecture 3.1 Architecture of JABWT 3.2 Bluetooth Control Center 3.3 Simple JABWT Application 3.4 Summary
Chapter 4 RFCOMM 4.1 Overview 4.2 API capabilities 4.3 Programming with the API 4.4 Summary
Chapter 5 OBEX 5.1 Overview 5.2 API Capabilities 5.3 Programming with the API 5.4 Summary
Chapter 6 Device Discovery 6.1 Overview 6.2 API capabilities 6.3 Programming with the API 6.4 Summary
Chapter 7 Service Discovery 7.1 Overview 7.2 API capabilities 7.3 Programming with the API 7.4 Summary
Chapter 8 L2CAP 8.1 Overview 8.2 API Capabilities 8.3 Programming with the API 8.4 Summary
Chapter 9 Example Applications 9.1 Overview 9.2 Tic-Tac-Toe MIDlet 9.3 OBEX Application Download 9.4 Summary
Chapter 10 Implementing JABWT on a Device 10.1 Porting Process 10.2 Steps 1 and 2: Adding J2ME and Bluetooth support 10.3 Step 3: Implementing JABWT 10.4 Step 4: TCK Compliance
Chapter 11 Closing Remarks
Appendix A: Complete Code Examples
Appendix B: javax.bluetooth.api
Appendix C: java.obex.api References Index


By C Bala Kumar, Paul Kline and Tim Thompson


"We are all fortunate to have this book that not only explains Java APIs for Bluetooth wireless technology, but also is chock-full of pithy examples that illustrate how to make things work. This is the only book on this topic that anyone should need and it is the one that practitioners must have." -Brent A. Miller, IBM Corporation, co-author, Bluetooth Revealed "While the JSR specification does a good job of specifying the API, a book that provides more explanations and examples is essential to extend its reach among the developers. The authors are perfect candidates to write and explain the relevant APIs, adding insights to the design process of this specification." -Teck Yang Lee, Sun Microsystem (Representative to JSR-82 Expert Group)
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