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August 1999



A critical engagement with the writings on Gilles Deleuze by scholars and translators of his work. Originally published as a special edition of SAQ, Summer, 1997, Vol. 96.3; it's both an introduction to and a critique of his work.


CONTENTS IntroductionIan Buchanan, University of Tasmania Marxism and dualism in Deleuze:Fredric Jameson, Duke University The memory of resistance: D. N. Rodowick, University of Rochester Deleuze and materialism: one or several matters?: John Mullarkey, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Art and territory: Ronald Bogue Deleuze and cultural studies: Ian Buchanan, University of Tasmania Immanence and transcendence in the genesis of form: Manuel DeLanda Comment peut-on etre deleuzien? Pursuing a two-fold thought: Charles J. Stivale, Wayne State University Marx and Post-structuralist philosophies of difference: Eugene W. Holland Straining to hear (Deleuze): Tessa Dwyer, University of Melbourne Deleuze and the body: Eluding Kafka's "Little death sentence": Horst Ruthrof, Murdoch University Deleuze and the three powers of literature and philosophy: To demystify, to experiment: Andre Pierre Colombat Overdetermined Oedipus: Mommy, Daddy and me as a desiring-machine: Jerry Aline Flieger Deleuze's philosophy of the concrete: Jean-Clet Martin From multiplicities to folds: On style and form in Deleuze: Tom Conley, Harvard University Notes on contributors


Ian Buchanan is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Tasmania.


“Here’s a remedy for resisting the anti-philosophy brigade. . . . [The contributors] energetically claim Deleuze’s importance for issues that have pressed us both politically and philosophically.”—Nina Zimnik, "Film-Philosophy"
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