The Great Philosophers

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Conversations with 15 contemporary writers and philosophers provide an accessible and exciting account of Western philosophy and its greatest thinkers. Includes contributions from A.J. Ayer, Bernard Williams, Martha Nussbaum, Peter Singer, and John Searle. 28 halftones.


Bryan Magee was born in London in 1930. He was educated at Oxford where he took two honours degrees and was President of the Oxford Union. He held a fellowship in philosophy at Yale until 1956 when he became an independent writer in philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford. In 1973 he was elected a Visiting Fellow of All Souls, Oxford. From 1974-6 he was a regular columnist on 'the Times' and in 1979 was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Television Society forhis work in broadcasting. Since 1994 he has been A Visiting Professor at King's College London and has published sixteen other books including Modern British Philosophy, Popper, Creators of Contemporary Philosophy, The Philosophy of Schopenhauer, Aspects of Wagner, and OnBlindness.
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