On Wharton's the House of Mirth

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April 2003



Get the most from great literature with CliffsNotes, the original study guides. Written exclusively by experienced teachers and educators, CliffsNotes are the resource of choice for today' s students. These user-friendly guides make studying a snap - with visual icons flagging key themes, literary devices, and more. Inside you' ll find valuable insights on Wharton' s "The House of Mirth, including: Brief overall synopsis Chapter-by-chapter summaries Clear explanations and analysis Character map - who' s who at a glance Character analysis (including Lily Bart, Lawrence Selden, Bertha Dorset, and Simon Rosedale) Concise discussion of social codes, money, and other major themes Review Q& As and quote IDs Essay questions and practice projects Glossaries of key words and terms


Life and Background of the Author. Personal Background. Education and Early Work. Married Life. The French Years. Career Highlights. Introduction to the Novel. Introduction to the Novel. Brief Synopsis. List of Characters. Character Map. Critical Commentaries. Book 1. Chapter I. Chapter II. Chapter III. Chapter IV. Chapter V. Chapter VI. Chapter VII. Chapters VIII-IX. Chapter X. Chapters XI-XII. Chapter XIII. Chapter XIV. Chapter XV. Book 2. Chapter I. Chapter II. Chapter III. Chapter IV. Chapter V. Chapter VI. Chapters VII-VIII. Chapters IX-X. Chapter XI. Chapter XII. Chapter XIII. Chapter XIV. Character Analyses. Critical Essay: The House of Mirth as Gilded Age House of Cards. CliffsNotes Review. CliffsNotes Resource Center. Index.


Bruce Walker is adjunct professor of literature and technical writing at the University of Detroit, MI. He earned a B.A. in English from Michigan State University in 1985. He has been a contributing editor to Gale Group's Literary Criticism Series, Contempory Musicians, Newsmakers, and Encyclopedia of World Biography.
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