The Ribosome: Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Volume LXVI

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Mai 2002



This is the first book to contain the newly published findings on the structure of the ribosome and discuss their meaning for our understanding of how proteins are made and processed inside the cell. With over 60 contributions from the world's most innovative ribosome biology laboratories, this is the latest volume in the annual series that for over 60 years has provided analysis and interpretation of the most interesting problems in biology.


Ribosome structure, A. Rich, V. Ramakrishnan, P.B. Moore, T.A. Steitz, A. Yonath, H.F. Noller, M.M. Yusupov, J. Frank, M. van Heel; ribosome biochemistry, A. Bogdanov, R. Brimacombe, A.E. Dahlberg, S.A. Strobel, R. Green, J.A. Lake, K.H. Nierhaus, J. Ofengand; the genetic code, P. Schimmel, S. Yokoyama, D. Soll, O.C. Uhlenbeck, U.L. RajBhandary, M. Yarus; frameshifting, recoding, shunting, IRES, J.F. Atkins, R.F. Gesteland, I. Brierley, P.J. Farabaugh, R.J. Schneider, T. Hohn, J.A. Doudna, P. Sarnow; messenger RNA and translational control, N. Sonenberg, S. Shuman, L.E. Maquat, S.W. Peltz, M.W. Hentze, M. Wickens, J.D. Richter, S. Gottesman; initiation, C.O. Gualerzi, R.J. Jackson, C.U.T. Hellen, G. Wagner, A.G. Hinnebusch, T.E. Dever; elongation and termination, J. Nyborg, T.G. Kinzy, W. Wintermeyer, A.P. Geballe, Y. Nakamura; regulation of protein synthesis, O. Meyuhas, M.B. Mathews, D. Ron, A.S. Spirin, A. Kaji, A.E. Johnson, R. Beckmann; ribosome biogenesis, M. Nomura, J.R. Warner, S.A. Gerbi, J.R. Williamson, A.W. Johnson; summary, P.B. Moore.
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