Adhesion Molecules in Allergic Disease

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This unique resource-the first book of its kind exclusively devoted to the subject-offers timely coverage of the cells, mechanisms, and proteins involved in allergic inflammation, emphasizing the latest advances in local cell recruitment.


General Adhesion Molecule Biology Overview of Cell Adhesion Molecules and Their Antagonism, Arthur Kavanaugh The Endothelium in Leukocyte Recruitment, Francis W. Luscinskas Epithelial Cells: Phenotype, Substratum, and Mediator Production, Albert J. Polito and David Proud Integrins, Integrin Regulators, and the Extracellular Matrix: The Role of Signal Transduction and Leukocyte Migration, Stephen W. Hunt III, Sirid-Aimee Kellerman, and Yoji Shimizu Pathways of Cell Recruitment to Mucosal Surfaces, Michael J. Briskin In Vitro Studies of Basophils and Mast Cells Phenotypic and Functional Characteristics of Adhesion Molecules on Human Basophils, Sarbjit S. Saini, Kenji Matsumoto, and Bruce S. Bochner Integrin-Dependent Responses in Human Basophils, Jane A. Warner, Kirsty Rich, and Kirstin Goldring Cell Adhesion Molecules in Mast Cell Adhesion and Migration, Harissios Vliagoftis and Dean D. Metcalfe In Vitro Studies of Eosinophils Eosinophil-Endothelial Interactions and Transendothelial Migration, Motohiro Ebisawa, Bruce S. Bochner, and Robert P. Schleimer Eosinophil Interactions with Extracellular Matrix Proteins: Effects on Eosinophil Function and Cytokine Production, Garry M. Walsh and Andrew J. Wardlaw Eosinophil-Epithelial Interactions and Transepithelial Migration, Mary K. Schroth, James M. Stark, Julie B. Sedgwick, and William W. Busse Regulation of Eosinophil Mediator Release by Adhesion Molecules, Hirohito Kita In Vivo Studies Mast Cell Activation and Leukocyte Recruitment Responses Into Skin Sites: Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules, Michael D. Ioffreda and George F. Murphy Mast Cell Activation and Leukocyte Rolling Responses, Paul Kubes Adhesion Pathways Controlling Recruitment Responses of Lymphocytes During Allergic Inflammatory Reactions In Vivo, Donald Y. M. Leung and Louis J. Picker Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Asthma, Stephen Montefort and Stephen T. Holgate Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Eosinophilic Disorders of the Skin and Nose, Lisa A. Beck and Steve N. Georas Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Allergic Disorders of the Eye, Giorgio Walter Canonica, Antonio Scordamaglia, Francesca Paolieri, Nicolo Fiorino, Giovanni Passalacqua, and Giorgio Ciprandi Adhesion Molecules, Cytokines, and Chemokines in Allergic Airway Inflammation, Nicholas W. Lukacs, Robert M. Strieter, and Steven L. Kunkel Adhesion Molecule Antagonists in Animal Models of Asthma, Roy R. Lobb


"figures are clearly illustrative, and complex concepts, such as the multistep recruitment paradigm, are presented in a way which can be easily understood. will be useful for both scientists within the various fields of inflammation research and physicians with special interest in allergic diseases. "-Allergy "this is the first book exclusively devoted to a defined immunopathological process (allergic inflammation) that produces a variety of clinical entitites.a useful resource for students, basic scientists and clinicians who wish to be conversant with current developments in the immunobiology of CAMs and allergic diseases.[and] in the promising field of anti-adhesive therapy, particularly of allergic inflammation. "-Immunology Today
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