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This book gives a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the history of all the important native civilizations of Mesoamerica.


Part II: 12. Mesoamerica since the Spanish invasion: an overview Murdo J. MacLeod; 13. Legacies of resistance, adaptation, and tenacity: history of the native peoples of Northwest Mexico Susan M. Deeds; 14. The native peoples of Northeastern Mexico David Frye; 15. The indigenous peoples of Western Mexico from the Spanish invasion to the present Eric Van Young; 16. Native peoples of colonial central Mexico Sarah L. Cline; 17. Native peoples of Central Mexico since independence Frans J. Schryer; 18. Native peoples of the Gulf Coast from the colonial period to the present Susan Deans-Smith; 19. The indigenous population of Oaxaca from the sixteenth century to the present Maria de los Angeles Romero Frizzi; 20. The lowland Maya, from the conquest to the present Grant D. Jones; 21. The highland Maya W. George Lovell.


'It is profoundly reassuring that this kind of scholarly publishing continues to flourish at the start of a new millennium, and it is even more profoundly to be hoped that these books acquire the wide readership that they deserve.' The Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute
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