Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, and Applications

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Systems: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications Second Edition Brian Wilson Department of Systems and Information Management Lancaster University, UK The result of many years' experience, this book, now extensively revised and updated, emphasizes the application of systems concepts and methodologies that have been developed at Lancaster University. In particular the book is about problem solving and the relationship between theory and practice. Complementary to Systems Thinking, Systems Practice by Peter Checkland (Wiley, 1981), which has become a classic in the field, this book shows how systems ideas can be used to cope with real-life problems. Reviews of the first edition- ... an excellent book which provides a synthesis of the action-research undertaken by the well-known Department of Systems, University of Lancaster ... Wilson' s lucid style of writing and the historical perspective of the Lancaster learning experience provide a strong contextural case for the concept of a human activity system to investigate ' badly-defined' [Checkland' s ' soft' ] systems. Chris Beaumont, Journal of the Operational Research Society, January 1985 ... This volume, expertly compiled by Brian Wilson, is the latest and probably the clearest statement in book form of the philosophy of that department [Department of Systems, University of Lancaster] ... a volume which deserves to be read ... E. R. Carson, Kybernetes, 12, 1985 ... Systems: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications is Wilson' s account of his professional life at Lancaster since then (1966). His careful reflection on the work of so many years deserves attention. Trevor Williams, Futures, December 1985


Models and Modeling. A Systems Language. Systems Methodologies. Problem-Solving and Methodology. Management Control. Analysis of Business Information. Role Analysis. Appendices. References. Index.
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