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For most of us, millions of people buy and watch the movies. But some of us have little or no idea of what's behind it. The originators and how it is made. Now, this is a window of opportunity for some of us to have a bit understanding or knowledge about the industry.
Some of the names of the players: like the actors, actresses, producers and those working behind the scene mentioned in this book as the strivers of the industry, are not known on the wide screens.
For a bit understanding, I would recommend the above-mentioned book, "Nollywood: The Nigerian Film Industry" by Brian Robbo Ogbeide.
Which is meant for those:

- That love the Nollywood movies.
- That love to read and have few hours from their day-to-day activities to spare
- Also for those who would like to contribute to the growth of the industry.
- And above all, those who haven't heard or know about the industry and would like to do so. This book can easily be of good use to them later.

A brief highlights about the industry: This Film industry (now called Nollywood), which is the 3rd largest film industry in the world depending on which way you look at it. Nollywood is a Nigeria individual built movie industry with no governmental support.
And they make their movies through their heart and minds with Low budgets, Second-hand equipments, supported by video movies. This industry delivered 30 new titles to the Nigerian shops and market every week, while the average film sells 50,000 copies.

Thanks to the early Nollywood pioneers, like Dr. Ola Balogun (Who turned musician about few years ago), He belongs to the first generation of Nigerian filmmakers such as the late Hubert Ogunde, late Ade Afolayan and Moses Olaiya, to mention just a few Nollywood can now be proud of a potential audience of 15 million people within Nigeria and other 5 million elsewhere.

Today the movie industry worth is over $800 millions, employed around 300,000 people, produces over 1000 titles a year on average, and trails only Hollywood and Bollywood in terms of revenues.
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