Striptease Culture: Sex, Media and the Democratisation of Desire

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Februar 2002



Original publication and copyright date: 2002.


List of figures. Preface and Acknowledgments. 1. Sex Matters 2. From Wilde to Wild: the End of Patriarch, Or Is It All Just History Repeating Part I Cultural Sexualisation: from Pornosphere to Public Sphere 3. The Amazing Expanding Pornosphere 4. Porno-chic, or the Pornographication of the Mainstream 5. Striptease Culture: the Sexualisation of the Public Sphere Part II Sexual Representation 6. Women, Know Your Limits! 7. The Mainstreaming of Gayness 8. Men Behaving Sadly: the Crisis of Masculinity? Part III The Aesthetics of Sexual Transgression 9. Men, Sex and Transgression 10. Queer Culture 11. Bad Girls: Sexual Transgression as Feminist Strategy 12. Conclusions. Bibliography


'With his excellent analysis of Striptease Culture Brian McNair has explored a contemporary social and cultural trend of immense importance. A wide range of scholars owe him a debt of enviable well written and accesible book' - Keith Tester, University of Portsmouth
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