The Harcourt Street Line: Back on Track

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Mai 2004



At the end of 1958, a double-track suburban railway--first stream, then battery, then diesel--known as the Harcourt Street Line that ran through Dublin since 1846 was abruptly closed and then abandoned. Forty years later, the Irish government has decided to invest in a new railway that would run along the same line. This extraordinary reversal of an earlier decision has drawn much interest to the earlier railway. The author, who rode this train innumerable times when he was growing up, revisits the train of his youth. He recalls the lines' patrons like Samuel Beckett (who wrote on, and about, this train) and Brendan Behan, to the thousands who thronged the Harcourt Street Station to join "Sea Breeze" excursions to the seaside towns at Bray and Greystones. More than just a story of a specific train, this is also about the people who used it and the times in which it ran.


Brian Mac Aongusa has lived all his life in south County Dublin and has been keenly interested in railway policy and operation since he first joined the Irish Railway Record Society in 1949. Educated at Colaiste Mhuire and University College Dublin, he pursued a public service career for over forty years in the Department of Finance and RTE, becoming Controller of Programmes, RTE Radio I in 1983. He was the first Chief Executive of Gael-Linn in 1988-1996. Through his public service career, he gained a valuable insight into public transport policy in Ireland.
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