Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction Literature

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April 2004



This reference tracks the development of speculative fiction influenced by the advancement of science and the idea of progress from the eighteenth century to the present day. The major authors and publications of the genre and significant subgenres are covered. Additionally there are entries on fields of science and technology which have been particularly prolific in provoking such speculation. The list of acronyms and abbreviations, the chronology covering the literature from the 1700s through the present, the introductory essay, and the dictionary entries provide science fiction novices and enthusiasts as well as serious writers and critics with a wonderful foundation for understanding the realm of science fiction literature. The extensive bibliography that includes books, journals, fanzines, and websites demonstrates that science fiction literature commands a massive following.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreward Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Acronyms and Abbeviations Chapter 4 Chronology Chapter 5 Introduction Chapter 6 The Dictionary 7 Bibliography


Brian Stableford is a part-time lecturer in creative writing at King Alfred's College, Winchester, England. A professional writer since 1965, he has published more than fifty novels and two hundred short stories, several nonfiction works, and thousands of articles for periodicals and reference books.


Easy to consult and use, and proffering an extensive bibliography, Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction Literature is an excellent quick-lookup resource for libraries, as well as literature students and professors. Wisconsin Bookwatch ...sets a new standard for reference works on literary science fiction (SF). He makes a strong case for SF's literary significance in an introduction that can stand as a primer on the relationship of literary value and popular culture...Undergraduates will find the book useful in introducing major themes, while scholars will find it indispensable for its sophisticated understanding of SF as a serious object of study. Highly recommended. Academic collections. CHOICE This book will appeal to casual science fiction (sf) readers, students, and even to scholars of popular culture and popular fiction needing fast information at their excellent basic reference tool and will prove invaluable for quick consultation...a worthwhile addition to library shelves and would be appropriate for both public and academic library settings. Reference Reviews This book traces the historical development of science fiction literature from the eighteenth century to the present. The author provides an account of the major authors of works marketed under the genre label, significant science fiction magazines and their editors, neologisms coined by genre writers, and various subgenres. The introduction deals with the problem of the definition of 'science fiction,' as well as associated genres such as 'fantasy.' There is a very useful chronology of science fiction at the beginning of the book, dating back to 1726. American Reference Books Annual Ahhhh, two excellent new reference guides!...That Stableford is qualified to write these reference works is without doubt...Stableford's highly entertaining. You'll likely grumble or nod appreciatively about his opinions, depending on what he thinks of an author, but you'll be more knowledgeable on a given writer or subject than you were before you dipped into these two works...If you are a serious reader and collector of either or both genres, you'll want one or both of these works...Is each of them worth the cost of nearly ninety dollars? Oh, yes. Green Man Review, (Dual Review Of Hd Of Fantasy Literature) There is great stuff here...if you are a serious reader and collector of sf, you'll want this...Randomly browse it. In an hour or so, you'll find great new books worth reading. Green Man Review Following an excellent introduction by Stableford, described as an sf practitioner and an academic, the dictionary portion of the volume is arranged alphabetically and discusses some of the important names, themes, magazines, genres, and so on that comprise the history of science fiction. Booklist, 10/15/2004 Accurate and intelligent. The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts
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