Lactic Acid Bacteria in Health and Disease

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Februar 1992



This volume, the first in a series on the lactic acid bacteria, offers a series of reviews by carefully selected experts drawn from several countries. Although there have been a number of excellent conferences on the lactic acid bacteria in recent years there is no publication which brings together the topics explored so thoroughly in the present text. Several topics will have particular interest to the agriculture industry, including spoilage in sugar productions, lactic acid bacteria in plant silage and conversation/upgrading of other materials for use in animal feeding, coffee, and cocoa fermentations and the role of sporolactobacilli. A review of factors governing the competitive behavior of lactic acid bacteria in mixed cultures ties together a number of the themes developed in other chapters.


Lactic Microflora. The Lactic Microflora of Fowl. The Lactic
Microflora of Pigs, Mice and Rats. Lactic Acid Bacteria in the Rumen.
The Human Gastrointestinal Tract. The Lactic Microflora of the Oral
Cavity. LACTIC ACID BACTERIA AND HEALTH. Probiotics: A General View.
The Effect of Probiotics on the Gut Micro-Ecology of Farm Animals.
Lactic Acid Bacteria in the Control of Plant Pathogens. The
Anti-Microbial Action of Lactic Acid Bacteria: Natural Food
Preservation Systems. Lactic Acid Bacteria and the Control of
Tumours. Lactic Acid Bacteria in the Support of Immuno-Compromized
Hosts. Fermented Dairy Products and Health. AGRICULTURE AND ECOLOGY.
Spoilage in the Sugar Industry. Lactic Acid Bacteria in Plant Silage.
Storage of Waste Products for Animal Feed. Lactic Acid Bacteria in
Coffee and Cocoa Fermentation. Sporolactobacilli. Critical Factors
Governing the Competitive Behavior of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Mixed
Cultures. Index

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