Women of Faith in Victorian Culture: Reassessing the 'Angel in the House'

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November 1998



An interdisciplinary study of Victorian women of faith as portrayed in the fiction and non-fiction of the period. The book explores how novelists, biographers and other writers depicted religious women, with special reference to the influence of the ideal of the 'Angel in the House' as embodied in Coventry Patmore's poem of that name. Among those whose work is explored are George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Christina Rossetti, George Moore and Anne Bront¿as well as hymnwriters, missionary biographers, non-conformist obituarists and artists of the Aesthetic Movement.


Acknowledgements Preface;
M.Grey Contributors Introduction;
A.Hogan &
A.Bradstock The Drunkard, the Brute and the Paterfamilias: The Temperance Fiction of the Early Victorian Writer Sarah Stickney Ellis;
H.Twycross-Martin The Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Rejecting the Angel's Influence;
S.Jansson Double Blessedness: Anna Kingsford and Beatrice;
P.Merchant 'Sisterhood is Powerful': Christina Rossetti's Maude ;
F.S.Roden Fedalma, 'The Angel of a Homeless Tribe': Issues of Religion, Race and Gender in George Eliot's Poetic Drama, The Spanish Gypsy ;
J.West-Burnham 'Angel or Eve?': The Response of Two Late Victorian Heroines to Catholicism;
A.Hogan From Hearth to Heath: Angelic Transformations in May Sinclair's Major Novels;
T.Phillips 'The Angel in the House of Death': A Psychoanalytical and Theological Reading of George MacDonald's Lilith ;
W.Gray Quiet Angels: Some Women Hymn Writers;
J.R.Watson Nonconformist Obituaries: How Stereotyped was Their View of Women?;
L.Wilson The Paradigmatic Angel in the House: The Virgin Mary and Victorian Anglicans;
C-M.Engelhardt 'Heroines of Missionary Adventure': The Portrayal of Victorian Women Missionaries in Popular Fiction and Biography;
S.Gill The Victorian Lady's Domestic Threat: The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent Female Adversary in Contemporary Art;
S.P.Casteras 'The Power of Womanhood': Religion and Sexual Politics in the Writings of Ellice Hopkins;
S.Morgan Index


HENRIETTA TWYCROSS MARTIN Lecturer, English Department, Goldsmith's College
SIV JANSSON former Lecturer at Imperial College, the University of North London, Middlesex University and Royal Holloway and New Bedford College
PETER MERCHANT Senior Lecturer in English, Canterbury Christ Church College
FREDERICK S.RODEN Doctoral candidate, Department of English, New York University
JOSS WEST-BURNHAM Subject Leader in Cultural Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University
TERRY PHILLIPS Lecturer in English, Liverpool Hope University College
WILLIAM GRAY teaches in both the English and the Religious Studies departments, Chichester Institute of Higher Education
J.R. WATSON Professor of English, University of Durham
LINDA WILSON Part-time tutor, Wesley College, Bristol
CAROL MARIE ENGELHARDT Department of History, Indiana University
SEAN GILL Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol
SUSAN P.CASTERAS teaches at the University of Washington
SUE MORGAN is engaged in doctoral research in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol
MARY GREY Professor of Contemporary Theology, LSU College, Southampton


This book makes a worthy contribution in showing how women of faith adapted the angel to their need for autonomy. Religion and the Arts§

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