The Victors and the Vanquished: Christians and Muslims of Catalonia and Aragon, 1050 1300

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August 2004



This revisionary study of Muslims living under Christian rule during the Spanish "reconquest" delves into the subtleties of identity under the thirteenth-century Crown rule of Aragon. Brian Catlos uncovers a social dynamic in which sectarian differences comprise only one of the many factors in the causal complex of political, economic and cultural reactions. Beginning with the final stage of independent Muslim rule in the Ebro valley region, he traces the subtle and often surprising transformation of Islamic society into mudé jar society under Christian domination.


List of figures; List of maps; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Note on the citation of sources, dates, places and names; Glossary; List of abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Muslim Domination of the Ebro and its Demise, 700-1200: Introduction; 1. Thaghr and taifa; 2. Christians and Muslims: contact and conquest; Part II. Muslims under Christian Rule: Introduction; 3. The financial and judicial administration of Mudejar society; 4. Muslims in the economy of the Christian Ebro; 5. Mudejar ethnicity and Christian society; 6. Muslims and Christian society; Mudejarismo as a social system; Part III. Individual and Community in the Christian Ebro: Introduction; Case study 1: fiscal and confessional identity: the Galips, templar vassals in Zaragoza (1179-1390); Case study 2: Franquitas and factionalism in Daroca: the Lucera family vs. the Aljama (1267-1302); Case study 3: litigation and competition within the Muslim community: the Abdellas of Daroca (1280-1310); Case study 4: administrative corruption and royal complicity: Abrahim Abengentor, Caualquem of Huesca (1260-1304); Case study 5: overlapping agendas: the career of Mahomet, Alaminus of Borja (1276-1302); Case study 6: the good, the bad and the indifferent: Christian officials in the Ebro region; Personal histories: the individual, within the community and beyond; Conclusions: Mudejar ethnogenesis; Appendix 1: currency of the thirteenth-century Ebro region; Appendix 2: toponymical variants in archival documents; Appendix 3: rulers of the 'Crown of Aragon', 1050-1300; Select bibliography; Index.


Brian Catlos is an Associate Professor in the Religious Studies faculty at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with cross appointments in Humanities, History and Jewish Studies. Previously an Associate Professor of History at the University of California, he completed his PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto in 2000, followed by three years of postdoctoral work at the Concejo de Investigaciones Superiores in Barcelona and the Institute for Medieval History at Boston University. He has served as President of the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain and is Book Review Editor (late medieval) for Speculum. His fields of research include medieval Spain and the Mediterranean, and ethno-religious identity and relations in the pre-modern Christian and Islamic worlds.


'... a ground-breaking study that ... is a remarkable, and also highly readable, work of scholarship.' The English Historical Review
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