Evidence-Based Research

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Introduction: theories of science and theories of society
Epistemology I: positivism - 'they don't build epistemologies like that any more'
Concepts and theories I: what is a concept in the health sciences?
Concepts and theories II: operationalism and its legacy
The philosophy of experimentation
Experiments in medicine and the health sciences
Epistemology II: interpretationand hermeneutics
Philosophies of description
The post-modernist challenge
Philosophy and research design in practice


Brian Brown has worked as an emergency 24 hour lecturing service in a number of Midlands universities before joining De Montfort where he is programme leader in psychology.
Paul Crawford trained as a psychiatric nurse before completing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Birmingham. He is author of the critically acclaimed novel, Nothing Purple, Nothing Black and a work of literary criticism, Politics and History in William Golding.
Carolyn Hicks has pursued a long and distinguished career spanning disciplines such as educational psychology, health psychology and health service studies. At Birmingham university she combines her interests in these topics by specializing in the study of education for health service personnel and is involved in producing educational materials for health care researchers.
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