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August 2005



This special collection of short stories from Grand Master Brian Aldiss is being issued to coincide with his 80th birthday. Set to include such notable works as "Aboard the Beatitude," "A Man with His Mule," and "Head," the anthology will also feature commentaries from a group of his peers sharing their perspectives on this amazingly talented individual. Often compared to J. G. Ballard, Thomas Disch, and Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss has been referred to as "(arguably) the most significant English writer of science fiction since H. G. Wells" by the "St. James Guide to Science Fiction." A prolific author, he continues to enthrall his vast fan base and attract first-time readers. Known for pushing the envelope and refusing to be confined to a particular style of writing or to specific subjects, his works encompass space exploration, time travel, historical fantasy, and even parodies of Kafka.


Brian Aldiss is the author of such science-fiction masterpieces as "Hothouse," "Greybeard," "Frankenstein Unbound," "The Malacia Tapestry," and the Helliconia Trilogy. He is also the author of the pioneering book of science-fiction criticism "Billion Year Spree." Aldiss's 100+ books of fiction, nonfiction, literary criticism, poetry, and anthologies have won him a myriad of awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, Locus, British Science Fiction, Ditmar, and Eaton awards. In 2000, Aldiss was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.


"Aldiss is a magician." -- The Sunday Times "Brian Aldiss is one of the most influential, and one of the best science fiction writers Britain has ever produced." --Iain M. Banks, author, Complicity and The Wasp Factory "Aldiss and his work are an inspiration and a joy and an international resource."
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