Kritik der religionswissenschaftlichen Vernunft

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Dezember 2010



Hornya investigates the theoretic and methodological difficulties of an advancement of religious studies according to system and language theory's and philosophy of science's rules and criteria. This leads to a critical analysis of the contemporary subject, showing the conditions on which academic independence of religious studies is based, to which academic type the subject belongs and the epistemological and theoretical priorities to be focussed on. The analysis of the terms experience, empiricism, observation, rationality, proof, argument, sentence, value, truth, cognition, believe and knowledge etc. leads to a plea for an empirically founded and formally valid, knowledge cultivating and emergent theory and methodology of religious studies.


Prof. Betislav Horyna teaches philosophy at the philosophical faculty of the Masaryk University Brünn.
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Untertitel: Plädoyer für eine empirisch fundierte Theorie und Methodologie. 'Religionswissenschaft heute'.
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