Marihuana, Motherhood & Madness: Three Screenplays from the Exploitation Cinema of Dwain Esper

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Februar 1998



Features the complete shooting scripts of three Depression-era films directed by independent filmmaker Dwain Esper. A topic of growing interest among cinema aficionados and scholars, the lowbrow exploitation genre was the means by which small-scale entrepreneurs could compete with the major studios. Exploitation films addressed such controversial topics as drug use, prostitution, abortion, child marriage, and even bestiality--topics the major studios were forbidden to address by the Production Code Administration--salaciously exploiting the profitability of such taboo issues, while justifying their prurience by posing as educational tracts.


Bret Wood is a freelance writer who has published articles in Film Comment and Filmfax. He currently resides in New York.


...a useful addition to the very sparse, accurate documentation of the exploitation film racket. Classic Images Each script is appended with Wood's extensive annotations, which are an education in themselves...there's also an extensive introduction, which...lends candid insight into Esper's character. Video Watchdog ...a fascinating social commentary on liberal marriages, teenage drinking and facelifts. Bret Wood understands his subject better than anyone outside the Esper family. -- Paul Holbrook The Big Reel ...a wild youth tale. Movie Collector's World, Feb. 99, #570 ...valuable to students of the genre. We wish there were interesting appendix includes correspondence between Mrs. Esper and the New York Censor Board. Past Times
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