Euro on Trial: To Reform or Split Up?

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März 2004



Euro on Trial looks back - to the aspirations of the founders - and forward - to the possibility of reform or splitting up. After five years of experience with the new currency, new insights are possible into the old arguments for and against union. Monetary union is reversible in part or in whole and this book assesses the costs and benefits.


The Hidden Alternative Founders and Functionaries Separation and Dissolution Journey to Permanent Union Way Back, Way Forward


BRENDAN D. BROWN is a practising economist in the City of London where he is a Director and Head of Research at Tokyo-Mitsubishi International. He is the author of many previous books and articles on international finance, including The Yo-Yo Yen, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2002.


'Professionally, I have to read a lot about the euro, and this is as good a short history and analysis as I have come across. Brown's book is not for the faint-hearted but is well worth the effort for anybody who wants an objective analysis of the rocky road to the current position of the euro - and the possible ways ahead.' - Professor Peter Cooke, KPMG Professor of Automotive Industries Management, Nottingham Business School, UK
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