Theorizing Diaspora: A Reader

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Bringing together the key essays that have constituted this field since its inception and that point the way toward its future, "Theorizing Diaspora" is a central resource for understanding diaspora as an emergent and contested theoretical space.
Anthologizes the most influential and critically received essays that have shaped the trajectory of diaspora studies.
Offers classic statements that have defined the field by scholars including Appadurai, Gilroy, Radhakrishnan, and Hall.
Presents divergent strains of multiple diasporas, including Chinese, Black African, Jewish, South Asian, Latin American, and Caribbean.
Reflects the modalities and methodologies of scholars across the humanities and social sciences.
Includes a postscript on diaspora in cyberspace and an extensive bibliography.


Acknowledgments. Nation, Migration, Globalization: Points Of Contention In Diaspora Studies. (Jana Evans Braziel And Anita Mannur). Part I: Modernity, Globalism, And Diaspora. 1. Disjuncture And Difference In The Global Cultural Economy. (Arjun Appadurai). 2. The Black Atlantic As A Counterculture Of Modernity. (Paul Gilroy). Additional Readings On Modernity, Globalism, And Diaspora. Part II: Ethnicity, Identity, And Diaspora. 3. Diaspora: Generational Ground Of Jewish Diaspora. (Daniel Boyarin And Jonathan Boyarin). 4. Ethnicity In An Age Of Diaspora. (R. Radhakrishnan). 5. Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity: Making Asian American Differences. (Lisa Lowe). Additional Readings On Ethnicity, Identity, And Diaspora. Part III: Sexuality, Gender, And Diaspora. 6. Against The Lures Of Diaspora: Minority Discourse, Chinese Women And Intellectual Hegemony. (Rey Chow). 7. Returning(S): Relocating The Critical Feminist Auto--Ethnographer. (Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe). 8. In The Shadows Of Stonewall: Examining Gay Transnational Politics And The Diasporic Dilemma. (Martin F. Manalansan IV). Additional Readings In Sexuality, Gender, And Diaspora. Part IV: Cultural Production And Diaspora. 9. Cultural Identity And Diaspora Stuart Hall. 10. Diaspora Culture And The Dialogic Imagination. (Kobena Mercer). 11. Nostalgia, Desire, Diaspora: South Asian Sexualities In Motion. (Gayatri Gopinath). Additional Readings On Cultural Production And Diaspora. Post--Script: Cyber--Scapes And The Interfacing Of Diaspora. (Anita Mannur). Additional Readings On Diaspora And Cyberelectronics. Selected Bibliography of Works on Diaspora (Anita Mannur). Index.


Jana Evans Braziel is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. In 2002--3 she was Five College Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Amherst College. She has written widely on diaspora and cultural studies, and is the editor of Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression (with Kathleen LeBesco, 2001). Anita Mannur is a postdoctoral fellow in Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana--Champaign.


"Diaspora is one of the most critically debated terms in contemporary discussions of migration and identity. Bringing together key essays in the field, this superb collection offers us a comprehensive overview of diasporaa s past politics and potential futures. Above all, it reminds us that diaspora is a distinctly human phenomenon, involving the displacement, movement, and separation of peoples." David L. Eng, Columbia University "Theorizing Diaspora speaks not only to those previously colonized and oppressed Others who have relocated from There to Here, but discusses why deracination is a process that affects all constituencies: those in the newly inhabited metropolis as well as those who remain behind." Grant Farred, Duke University
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