Semantic and Pragmatic Issues in Discourse and Dialogue

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November 2001



This volume addresses contemporary issues in the semantics and the pragmatics of discourse and dialogue. Collected papers aim at providing insights on different theoretical approaches, all of them in the dynamic semantics tradition, such as Dynamic Predicate Logic (DPL), Discourse Representation Theory (DRT), and Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (SDRT). They reflect the current move of formal semantics from short multisentential texts towards structured discourses and dialogues, accounting for more and more phenomena at the semantics-pragmatics interface (such as subtleties of anaphora and presupposition, the role of temporal connectives in discourse or the establishment of common references in dialogue).


Foreword. Introduction. She's character, P. Dekker Exhaustivity and specificity: a parallelism between answers and pronouns, R. van Rooy Presupposition computation and presupposition justification: one aspect of the interpretation of multi-sentence discourse, H. Kamp Presupposition triggered by temporal connectives, F. Schilder French adverbial puis between temporal structure and discourse structure, M. Bras et al. The meaning of same in anaphoric temporal adverbials, A. Alves, I. Gomez Txurruka Spatial inferences in a localization dialogue, P. Krause et al. Cooperativity in dialogue, N. Asher et al. Index
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