Reducing nosocomial illnesses by proper sterilization of nasal cannula

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August 2015



Estimating microflora on nasal oxygen cannula and optimizing dose of gamma radiation for its complete sterilization. Unlikely, ethylene oxide, radiation does not leave unwanted residues on the product and the product is available for use immediately after irradiation. Therefore, This systematic study will be instructive and beneficial in alleviating the risk of nosocomial infections. Through this study, degree of sterilization of packaged medical devices was determined which disclosed that medical devices are improperly sterilized and are responsible for mortality and morbidity.


Braira Wahid was born in Chaklala Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 20 Oct, 1992. After completing her early education at FAZAIA school she went to Garrison College where she studied Pre-Medical and for the next four years she pursued a career in Biotechnology. She is a regular blogger and research student exploring emerging areas of health biotechnology.
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