Fracture of Brittle Solids

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Februar 2004



This book is a monograph on the brittle fracture of ceramic materials, in a unified continuum, microstructural and atomistic treatment.


Preface; Glossary; 1. The Griffith concept; 2. Continuum aspects of crack propagation; Part I. Linear Crack-Tip Field; 3. Continuum aspects of crack propagation Part II. Nonlinear Crack-Tip Field; 4. Unstable crack propagation: dynamic fracture; 5. Chemical processes in crack propagation: kinetic fracture; 6. Atomic aspects of fracture; 7. Microstructure and toughness; 8. Indentation fracture; 9. Crack initiation: flaws; 10. Strength and reliability; References; Index.


."..unified treatment renders the book very accessible and greatly helps the reader assemble the pieces...the text is very well supported by numerous pictures and diagrams and by a limited series of references which should assist interested readers to move beyond the introductory notions described in the book...highly recommended for any graduate student, engineer, or scientist who would like to gain a first but significiant view 'of the other side of the brittle fracture probem.'" Philippe Geubelle, Pageoph
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