Climate Since Ad 1500

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"Climate Since AD 1500" presents a new perspective on the "Little Ice Age" and on the climate of the twentieth century. The editors have gathered together over fifty contributors from all over the world to provide as wide a geographical dimension as possible. Leading scientists in their fields, they present climatic and meteorological records of climatic variations available for the last 500 years, including research from several areas not previously recorded in English. These records include historical documents, long instrumental records, tree rings and ice core records, and records based on worldwide current research. An introductory chapter provides an explanation of the methods throughout and the book concludes with a summary of data from all the various records.


"A most valuable compilation . . . this volume succeeds admirably in bringing together many of the multifaceted data from which future progess can proceed."
"This volume is a timely, important contribution . . . A valuable book, especially at graduate and professional levels, but of interest to anyone concerned with the natural variability of the earth's climate."
"This is an excellent collection of review articles on documentary-, dedro-, and ice-core analysis for the last 500 years."
-"Artic and Alpine Research
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