The Smart Interviewer

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The Smart Interviewer In 20 years of specializing in interviews, management psychologist Brad Smart has successfully interviewed more than 4,000 candidates for selection or promotion, trained over 3,000 hiring managers in how to interview, and counseled thousands on how to manage their careers. The Smart Interviewer is a culmination of this vast experience. In it, Smart shares with you the secrets to successful interviewing. Written in a most readable style and featuring humorous cartoons, this book will immediately help you improve your interviewing effectiveness. You' ll learn: How to build excellent rapportHow to apply the TORC Technique for motivating the interviewee to be totally candid and reveal negativesHow to conduct productive reference callsHow to correctly interpret an interviewee' s responsesHow to prepare for an interview, how much time to take during an interview, how to focus your questions in ways that will reveal whether the interviewee meets your organization' s needs or not- plus the latest hiring legalities you should be aware ofThe Smart Interviewer will help you avoid costly mishires and mispromotions and give you strategies and tools to hire productive, high-caliber employees that meet your company' s needs.


The In-Depth Selection Interview Guide. Using the Guide: Setting the Stage. Using the Guide: Asking the Questions. Building Professional Rapport. The TORC Technique. Conducting Productive Reference Calls. How to Interpret Responses. Legal Considerations. Appendices. Index


DR. BRADFORD SMART has interviewed more than 4,000 candidates for selection or promotion, and has trained more than 3,000 managers and human resource professionals in various interviewing approaches. His clients include many Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Government, and a variety of profit and nonprofit organizations in 47 countries. After completing his doctorate in industrial psychology at Purdue University in 1970, he entered consulting. Since 1972, he has been in private practice in management psychology as President of Smart & Associates, Inc., a firm based in Chicago.
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