Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems

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Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems treats a number of critical topics in multimedia systems, with respect to image and video processing techniques and their implementations. These techniques include: Image and video compression techniques and standards, and Image and video indexing and retrieval techniques. Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems is divided into three parts. Part I serves as an introduction to multimedia systems, discussing basic concepts, multimedia networking and synchronization, and an overview of multimedia applications. Part II presents comprehensive coverage of image and video compression techniques and standards, their implementations and applications. Because multimedia data (specifically video and images) require efficient compression techniques in order to be stored and delivered in real-time, video and image compression is a crucial element of an effective multimedia system. In Part III attention is focused on the semantic nature of image and video source material, and how that material may be effectively indexed and retrieved. Topics discussed include static images, full-motion video, and the manner in which compressed representations can facilitate structural analysis. Part III concludes with an extended discussion of a case study. This book serves as an invaluable reference with respect to the most important standards in the field. Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems is suitable as a textbook for course use.


Part I: Introduction to Multimedia. 1. Basic Concepts. 2. Multimedia Networking and Synchronization. 3. Overview of Multimedia Applications. References. Part II: Multimedia Compression Techniques and Standards. 4. Introduction to Multimedia Compression. 5. JPEG Algorithm for Full-Color Still Image Compression. 6. PX64 Compression Algorithm for Video Telecommunications. 7. MPEG Compression for Motion-Intensive Applications. 8. Other Multimedia Compression Techniques. 9. Imlementations of Compression Algorithms. 10. Applications of Compression Systems. References. Part III: Image and Video Indexing and Retrieval Techniques. 11. Content-Based Image Retrieval. 12. Content-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval. 13. Video Processing Using Compressed Data. 14. A Case Study in Video Parsing: Television News. References. Index.
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